Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 7 is National No Housework day

Every working person should look forward to this day, that includes homemakers, home based business people & everyone that has a job.  Go ahead, arrange to meet a friend or two over beverages & have a rolicking conversation about all the things you've done to "cheat" on housework.  I promise you, a no holds barred laugh-a-thon will bring immense benefits.  Laughter is medicinal after all.  We all have our dirty little secrets, no guilt no glory, right?  If you can't go out, at least do something you like for you.  

Here's a picture of my orchids in March this year.  They're such a showy riot, love that.  Sometimes one goes to plant heaven & is eventually replaced with one in bloom, all of a sudden they're all blooming again.  Thankfully there was no orchid fatalities this year.

A friend revealed that the drawer under her stove is where she keeps the broom sweepings.  I like the idea of having 2 dishwasher machines, side by side; one will always be clean, the other dirty.  In reality I groan, "yeah, right, like thats gonna happen."  I highly recommend when replacing family washer driers to get the biggest stinking front loading machines you can.  Those baby's will pay you back every time with time.  Laundry's backed up a week?  forget the trip to the laundromat, shove it in & get it done in 3 giant loads.  Oh, but the colour will get dingy you say.  That's what "Shout Color Catcher" is for, grabbing all the fugitive dye & everything turns out the right colours.  Trust me on that one, just don't bother on April 7.

An internet search reveals ideas like ride-on vacuums, "cook's night off" or "buffet night" aka leftovers.  That's nice to have these inventions & ideas.  A little robotic automated-vacuum would cough & die a fast death here I'm afraid.  I have always wanted a self-cleaning-house, when is that going to be invented?  Have you ever had a pile of dishes, like your old apartment days, smelling to fruit fly heaven & quietly added a glug of bleach to sensor the problem an extra day.  How about using woman's unscented secret, "strong enough for a man, but made for a woman" to spray his side of the bed to get out of changing the sheets an extra day, even tho the smell is (was) unbearable.  Ever gone looking for something & found what appears to be an extra cat, determined it to be a giant dust-bunny & quietly pushed things back where you found them, scientifically wondering if it will grow next time you search.  I think a tablecloth could be dedicated to a permanent collection of crap, glued on if you please.  Nothing important ever gets left on the table after that, since it is well known that it will never be found again.  I think that could be a secret-cleaning weapon; when company comes pull it off, company leaves, put it back on.  For some reason, nothing seems to attract clutter like a clean table.

This is an excellent chance to ignore "Flylady", & lower your standards for a day.  Try it & see, the mess will wait another day.  You've been training your family all year with nagging, reminders, & lists.  Just leave it.  It will only get dirty again anyway.  It's been said before, a house never really stays clean, it just gets re-set from time to time.  Can you believe there are hard core believers in "No Housework Mondays," & "No Housework Weeks" where they are not away on holidays?  Those people should make a message-board or something so we can all crib off it!

This is the first time this orchid has ever shown me her flowers!   

  Remember, cleanliness is next to impossible, especially if you live with family.   Erma Bombeck had great ideas & a realistic lovable sense of humor.  I dare you to leave a comment on your genius get-out-of-housework strategies.  Go ahead & share your laughter, no guilt no glory.


  1. Very pretty orchids - I don't do well with plants, but love them while they last! No Housework Day comes once or twice a week for me LOL

  2. Thanks! I love no housework day too :D


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