Sunday, April 10, 2011

Older projects

These are some older projects I've done.  A good friend was recuperating from a surgery & I offered loan of a cane.  It was just sitting around & she could use it so the match was made.  We were  gabbing away over tea & a devious idea occurred.  I asked, if the cane were decorated, what would she have on it?  Bubbles?  little cars?  flames?  She replied, "Oh, definitely flames."  I asked ascending or descending?  She specified ascending so it would seem that with every strike the ground was on fire.  The idea was set.  I asked a local auto detailing shop for some scrap vinyl & together with Gypsy & "Indie Art" cartridge I cut out a whole lot of flames in varying sizes, white, yellow, orange, & red.  Again with the sideways pictures, sorry about that.

She didn't know I was doing this & I speedily delivered it on April fools.  We had a happy giggle.  We're all so happy she's mobile again. This is not a reminder to hurry up & return it, its a statement piece now, hee hee! 

I make our own dog beds from time to time.  I take an old blanket & fold it in half, marker a line down it, fold it in half the other direction & marker again (divided into quarters).  I bomb it to my sewing machine & zigzag like crazy 2 seams parallel, bookending the black lines.  Once they are cut apart (between the zigzaging) they make fine dog beds.
 Of course Boomer has to try them first.
 Looks like they are Boomer approved!

Last year I bought Kiddo a foam filled chair.  The problem is it was the last one, on sale & bright orange.  My brain couldn't leave such a good price.  I thought, oh yeah, I can dye that cover.  I bought some RIT dye, several packages of dark blue & several packages of navy blue.  I twisted that cover onto itself, soaked it & added it to a big bucket with the dye.  Thankfully I remembered to wear gloves for this.  Once it had sat for about 20 minutes, it was squeezed out some with Hubs help & re-twisted the other direction for a repeat soak in the dye.  RIT instructions were followed & this is the result.  We called it "the tiger chair" since Kiddo loves tigers.  Occasionally it is called the moldy orange.  Boomer doesn't care, despite the demonic glowing eyes, he approves.

Here's my orchids blooming last year, shared with some mini daffodils.  Yippee for spring!

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