Sunday, April 17, 2011

Teachers gifts

Its coming up to that time of the year, summer. These are the gifts we gave last year to the teachers & school bus drivers that work so hard to help my Kiddo with his education.  I used my Gypsy to design & Cricut to kiss cut the vinyl.  "Kiss cut" is just enough pressure to cut the vinyl but not enough to cut through to the backing too.  I knew I wanted black letters over coloured letters.  On the gypsy I organized all the black lettering on one screen to cut from one sheet, all the yellow images on another screen.  It seems complicated but makes sense to not waste vinyl going back & forth.  Taking a bit extra time planning streamlines the cutting process.  Transfer tape makes easy work of getting the vinyl from the backing sheet onto the containers.

Bribes done with "Street Sign" cartridge, rewards done with "caligraphy collection" cartridge fonts.  The teacher's name is done on the other side using "hello kitty" font, but I forgot to get a picture.  This round glass wasn't easy to lay the larger vinyl pieces on, didn't think of that when I chose it.

Mr. S on the lid done with "street signs" cartridge with circles added to the edges of each letter to round them out.  Bribes uses "donjuan" cartridge, rewards uses "wild card" cartridge for the fonts.

Mrs. C done with "lyrical letters," Mrs K done with "ashlyns alphabet" Mrs W done with "storybook" cartridge fonts.  These are frosty glasses.  Other teachers were envious I heard.  
 The bus butterfly & golf clubs (not shown) were all images from the "paperdolls for everyday" cartridge.

What gift isn't complete without candy?  I kept back a few TimHortons gift card for back up last minute gifts for anyone I missed with the candy containing gifts.  I got the images all planned in about 2 hours, cut out in about 30 minutes & Kiddo helped with assembly.  When they were ready to give they each went into clear bags tied with ribbon.  I know its early to even think of June, I can't wait since that means summer time!

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