Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cricut experiments part 4 of 5

 These were all done at maximum pressure (5).  Images are cat2, button 49,  booklet page 130 from Animal Kingdom cartridge, "heads" feature on.  I used low tack green painters tape to secure these experiments to the mat. There's no sense trying to get results if the test subjects are skidding around.  These experiments were with my new Engrave tool for cricut from Amy Chomas via her website www.chomascreations.com.

I had some nasty shiny thin cardboard from the dollar store.  It doesn't cut worth anything & narrowly avoided making it to the garbage.  It shreds for  the regular and deep cut blade.  I saved it thinking it may work with these new tools, luckily it looks like a success to me.  You can see the edge where the foil peeled up just cutting a scrap for this experiment.   x1 on the picture was my note to myself that it was "cut" once.  I think it could be coloured a la sharpie markers...

This is a scrap of thick cardboard. Click on the picture to show the differences.  x1 is "cut" once at 1", x2 is cut twice, at 2".  I was playing around with scraps & wasn't thinking I would need bigger pieces to experiment with.
This is thick clamshell packaging plastic, from a cricut cartridge.  I  resent all the packaging that I risk slitting my hand to open, so I save it to use on experiments, sticky stuff trays before throwing them away/recycling...  

1,2,3 indicate how many times I repeated the "cut."
x1 and  x2 were at 1", x3 was at 2" 
Part 5 coming fast!

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