Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cricut experiments part 5 of 5

So this is the final installment of the 5 part cricut experiments.  I started this quest by simple frustration.  Many other people on the internet have challenged their cricut machines to push past their abilities.  It just made sense if it could cut, it could write.  Other plot cutters on the market can.  Cricut does not produce their own mini gel pen holders.  Yes, I like using my label maker, the fuzzy vertical note is a reminder to me that "lower number = less blade depth" for the usual blade housings.  This is what I tried, I learned it from the internet.  I split a rubbery pencil grip with a mini gel pen from Staples. Here it is loaded in the cricut.

As you can see, they work, but not great.  The pen in the housing wobbles and seems to slip upwards a bit so pressure is erratic.  If I hadn't split the grip to put the pen in it may have been more secure.  I just didn't feel like fighting a pen into such a patience test.  The numbers show they were "cut" at pressure 1 once; pressure 2 twice.  I put the original blade housing to show reference of how I guessed where to line up the grip on the pen to fit the housing.  I could do "multi-cut" to get stronger images but thats fussy.  Also I have to remember to write down the coordinates each time I start a new image to get the old one to align.  Like I said, fussy.
Here is my adapted cricut tool kit.  I read yesterday on the cricut message-board that people just pull out the foam & throw it away.  I got to thinking that it never fit the spatula tool well to begin with, so why not.  There are 2 layers of foam on each side so I just pulled out the top layer on the right hand side & snipped it down to keep these new tools organized.

If you are wanting to try these experiments and techniques yourself, you can contact Amy Chomas via her website I haven't been playing with her products long enough to really get a sense of how far they can be pushed.  So far I am very pleased with them and if you are interested I do recommend them.  I've only made one purchase, but I've found Amy is very nice to deal with.  I emailed her to let her know I was blogging about my experience with her product & she updated me right away about markers so I've gone back & updated post 2 with her recommendation.  If you are a learning junkie like me, these are fun to use and not difficult at all.

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