Saturday, November 12, 2011

Halloween Swap returns

Great mail this week, the Halloween cut swap came back!  Here's the details to refresh your memory Halloween swap.  Participants picked a cricut image to cut out & embellish with at least 3 different techniques.  I can't account for what cuts these are or all the techniques used, but I really enjoy them.  As always, click on the picture to enlarge.

That crow looks like he's going to tell off Mrs.Frankenstein, the nerve!  The paper has shimmer, the lines on the tombstone have been accented with a white pen, and the pumpkins & rust coloured vine look painted.  Mrs.F has a lovely mini plastic spider on her candy bucket.  Even her kitty muse has sparkle on his tie.  Did you see her earring?  Of course her hair is fabulously accented with tule.

I apologize for the old ruler trick but it helps me check that the pictures are clear.  Its a snowy day and the light isn't optimal today.  The tree & bat were packaged with a cute bag topper, I had to open it to get a  better picture.  Ghostie has what looks like "Peachy Keen" brand stamp face, as does the embossed bat.  I love pumpkin head, he's embossed too, check out his button eyes and glimmering mouth.

The jar of poison has mysterious things hidden in the swirling shimmering powder, its a shaker box, encapsulated with foam adhesive to contain its secrets.  Check out the glamour witches broom, great details! Glitter and ribbon and feathers, oh MY!

You've already met my lil trick or treater.  Bone-zie here has a secret!  He's been cut with cricut pens, cut out, and encrusted with sparkle.

I charged him under a light & went to the creepy scary furnace room to capture his cool!

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I'm so proud of my circle message-board friends, they rock!  I will hoard these gently until I can do a layout for Halloween 2011, soon, bwwaaa haaa haa haaaaaaaaa!!!!!

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