Saturday, March 3, 2012

Smash swap returns

Well, not really a "smash book" since that is a brand, but that is how we've identified this swap.  

What's that you say?  Get to the pictures?  Okay, here ya go!  

One last thing before I dig in:  These are NOT my creations for this swap.  I added links for those that do have blogs.  Click to enlarge any picture.

On your left hand side is her calling card. The "life" tag which goes into a slot on the pink page.  The top 2 pages are one side, the bottom 2 pages are the back side.  You can visit her blog here Creations with Becka

The bottom 2 pages show front & back.  Isn't that so pretty the masking with plum mist spray?.  Those bands are meant to help hold the book together when its complete.  Check out the clear transparency page with the pretty swirls!  You can visit her blog here ScrapaholicJen
Look at all the lovely add in's!  Stamping, shiney, and oh, there's a lil green pocket.   Can't. stop. looking...
I couldn't resist, these were all different parcels, so I opened 2 different ones to show.  The top of the page is one package, the bottom is another.  Seriously, inspiring!  You can visit her blog here Jeannie Cards aka Image Queen

The top shows the front & back of one page, the bottom shows the front & back of the second page.    On your left hand side is a simple coin envelope stamped & look at the goodies inside!  You must enlarge to appreciate the details, these are real layers not just printed paper.

These are the fronts of 2 pages. so lovely!  That green butterfly with the brown tag sparkles.  I don't know how she did that but look at the double pocket on the right side.  The paper doesn't show, but that is some sort of printed transparency under the dragonfly & it hides the double pockets!  More beautiful extras too.

This is the front & back plus the extras.  The pro/con tag fits in under the green zigzag strip pocket,  really inspiring details!  The stopwatch has embossed texture, circled with a shiney accent glue of some sort.

Top is front of 2 pages, bottom is front & back of another page.  Aren't those sweet stamps?  Pretty clips and things too!  You can visit her blog here Crazy Cricut Lady

The top is 2 different front & backs of the same page entry with lovely misting and stamping.  The bottom is 2 different pockets (same page entry).  Some page tabs, and check out that key!  I tucked one into the side to show the pocket is open on 2 sides so it will be different depending how its bound.  You can visit her blog here Singing Shell

The top is one side, the bottom is flipped over to show the back. Can you see the hidden pocket on the butterfly paper? Clever!!!  You can visit her blog here Chasinkeegan
I now realize the light is kinda dingy in these photos, trust me, that's my winter daylight lighting again.  In real life they are very very fabulous!  My pages can be found here Not Housework- smash swap entry  and here is the link for my smash swap completed book in all its glory if you want to look.  It is fun hosting these swaps & getting first peek at all the gorgeous entries.   These were mailed back January 31 so just in the nip of time to stay as a January swap.  Happy spring everyone!


  1. Clever you with the fronts and backs in the same image. I bow down to your photo/display ability! It was a great swap. :)

  2. Wow you did a great job displaying all!

  3. Thank you! No trick of photography, being the hostess of a swap has its perks, like lining up fronts & backs into the same picture :)


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